May 22, 2019


Contact our bond department to discuss any of your bond needs. GBP represents the leading underwriters in the bond industry. In addition, as an independent agent, our professional staff will work with several companies in order to provide the most competitive rates available. Service is our priority. We know how important a timely response can be.

We understand that bonds can be the lifeblood of your business. That’s why we have specialists that focus exclusively on bonds. Whether it’s bid, performance or license bonds for the construction industry, or judicial, fiduciary or some form of miscellaneous bond, we know the surety bond arena. Here are some of the types of bonds we frequently handle:

    • Contract Bonds
    • Probate/Fiduciary Bonds
    • Court Bonds
    • License Bonds
    • Lost Instrument Bonds
    • Erisa Fidelity Bonds
    • Business Services Bonds
    • Notary Bonds  

Contact us today for more information on Bonds.


Information Needed to Establish Bonding Credit

Contractor's Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Contractor's Bond Request Form

Personal Financial Statement Form

Schedule of Work in Progress

Probate/Fiduciary Bond Request Form

License, Permit & Miscellaneous Bond Request Form