April 25, 2019

Wellness & Disease Management Resources                   GROUP EMPLOYMENT BENIFITS
             At GBP, we'd like to bring the consumer back into their healthcare plan.
 Individuals need to be encouraged to reach their optimal health by lowering their health risks and adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors. Did you know that 70% of illness is preventable? We need to each ask, "What does my life style do to contribute to the bottom line of my employer's healthcare cost?" Below are Resources of information to learn more about managing your wellness. 

American Cancer Society at 520-321-7989 & 800-ACS-2345
American Diabetes Association at 520-795-3711
American Foundation for Urologic Disease
American Heart Association at 520-795-1403 & 800-AHA-USA1
American Lung Association at 800-586-4872
American Psychiatric Association at 202-682-6850
Arizona Cancer Center at 520-6267935
Arizona Tobacco Information Network at 800-432-2772
Arthritis Foundation at 800-283-7800 & 520-917-7070
Bone Builders of Pima County at 520-626-5161
Cancer Research Institute, Inc. at 800-33-CANCER
Centerwatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Consumer Reports on Health at 800-234-2188
Eating Disorders Awareness & Prevention at 800-931-2237
Harvard School of Public Health (online quiz)
Health Magazine at 800-274-2522
Med Consult Health Network
Medline (National Library of Medicine)
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill at 800-950-NAMI
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH) at 800-647-2642
National Institue on Drug Abuse at 800-622-HELP
National Mental Health Association (NMHA) at 703-684-5968
National Prostate Cancer Coalition
Natural Health Magazine at 800-526-8440
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance at 202-331-1332
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Quackwatch, Inc (nonprofit corporation that combats health-related fraud & myths)
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services at 800-726-6686
The Cancer Information Service from the National Cancer Institute at 800-4-CANCER
University of Arizona College of Public Health
University of Maryland Medical System
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention at 888-232-4674
US Department of Health & Human Services
US Food & Drug Administration
Wellness & Disease Management Resources